Rent a Tesla on Maui

Rent a Tesla

Experience the thrill of instant acceleration while driving one of the safest, most advanced cars on the planet.


Explore the island of Maui in a clean and quiet electric vehicle that doesn't pollute the environment.

Don't Pay for Gas

Never go to an expensive gas station while on vacation. Start with a fully charged battery and return the car at any level of charge.

Up-front Pricing

Enjoy our honest pricing with Aloha. The price you see is what you'll pay, with extra perks at no extra cost.

Support a Local Business

Designed by Maui locals for Maui visitors because together we can help grow and support sustainable tourism.

How it works

1. Reserve online

We make it simple to reserve with us using the search tool above.

2. Arrive at Kahului airport

About a week before your arrival we'll email you with pick-up details. So when you arrive you can pick-up your car or we'll pick you up.

3. Return your vehicle

After you've enjoyed your UNFORGETTABLE Maui vacation in eco-friendly luxury we make it convenient for you to drop-off your car.

For more details please check out our process overview page. If you have any questions about the process please feel free to contact us.

Maui EVs
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Damian TarnawskyDamian Tarnawsky
21:52 15 Jul 24
Probably the best place to rent a car on Maui. Service was above and beyond and it is really handy to not have to fill a car with gas. I'd recommend Maui EVs to anyone.
Eddie ChenEddie Chen
07:15 14 Jul 24
From pickup to a dropoff, I had the best rental experience in years with MauiEV. Highly recommend them for your EV driving needs. 🙏
Phillip PetkusPhillip Petkus
21:03 19 Jun 24
Left a review before, but it must have been posted to a different site.Outstanding experience renting during Maui overnight from cruise. The level of customer service, the Aloha spirit, & and the 'Ohana atmosphere expressed by Ed were instrumental in choosing to return to Maui and rent the Tesla again for an extended period after the cruise. His Wisdom and insight being life-long local were priceless.
Lucas NguyenLucas Nguyen
01:41 12 Jun 24
I wanted to rent a car for my family of five while we were traveling on our annual vacation. While we are wherever we are, I always try to support the local businesses and I'm glad I did that here. We rented a Model Y and the service was amazing and the car was very clean. The owner was very curtious and the employee, Edward, that I spoke to and did most of my interactions with was very nice as well.I can list three reasons why you should come to MauiEvs to get a rental: the first is efficiency, the second is the cars themselves, and the third is the concept itself.First, why would MauiEvs be more efficient than other rental companies? Well, they don't make you wait to get your car, it's there the moment you arrive at the airport. This just makes your trip that much better because you will be able to save that sliver of time doing more restful activities after your 5+ hour flight.Second, the beautiful and well maintenanced cars. When we came to the airport, the car was there waiting for us, clean, shining, and sanitized. Normally, I don't expect too much from companies like Enterprise or Budget, an average clean, dust between the seats. But MauiEvs delivers. I asked Edward, the employee I was able to work with, about the cleanliness of the cars and he said that "Cleaning cars is one of my passions, I take it very seriously". When you compare this to the average minimum wage Budget worker who spends 20 minutes on each car, you can clearly tell that MauiEvs is a much higher quality of business and car.If you're still here, then you must be wondering about the "concept" I had previously talked about. This "concept" is that of environmental protection AND service. Most companies are just looking for money, I can't blame them, it's a natural want; MauiEvs goes past that. After speaking with the owner of the company, it is very clear that MauiEvs was made not to get money, but to get a better world. First of all, the most obvious reason, they use Teslas! Already that is something that they do different, but along with that, they also try to give the their customers the best possible experience. The car is fully charged when you get it and you are able to use it until it reaches any percentage; 30%, 20%, 10%, or any amount that you bring it back at you can bring it back for free.Overall, MauiEvs definitely deserves five stars on all fronts for their perfect service, cars, and everything else you can get.-Lucas Nguyen
Ross RobisonRoss Robison
01:24 07 May 24
This was a great experience for my wife and I! Ryan was right there to greet us with Hawaiian juice when we arrived and she was very helpful when orienting us to the car. The Tesla was clean, fun to drive, and quite affordable compared to other rental car options. We would rent here again.
03:38 24 Apr 24
Very friendly staff, took us from the airport to the office and introduced us to the features of the Tesla. Also reasonably priced.
Jessica LJessica L
02:48 24 Apr 24
Highly recommend Maui EVs! Had a great experience renting a Model Y on a recent trip to Maui. We loved being able to rent an EV on the island. Pick up and drop off were incredibly easy - so much easier than the usual rental car experience on Maui. We were able to charge at our hotel in Kaanapali and once used a public charger near Kahului, so even without a supercharger on the island, it was super easy and we never worried about running out of charge. We plan to rent from them again on our next visit!
Tom ConklinTom Conklin
20:32 15 Apr 24
Great experience and super easy to coordinate drop off and pick up !!!
05:25 15 Apr 24
I unexpectedly discovered that it’s really cool.
Connor JensenConnor Jensen
15:02 05 Apr 24
I couldn’t have been happier with the car or the company. My questions were always answered promptly. The Tesla we rented was the perfect car for Maui. We drove from Kaanapali to the top of Haleakala (10,000 feet climb) and back. We went from 81 percent, got to the top with 36%, and regened enough coming down to get back to kaanapali (an hour and a half away), with 47% charge.
Peter YeungPeter Yeung
22:09 01 Apr 24
Rented a drove a Tesla through Maui for five days. Just incredible. The car was great and didn't have any challenges finding places to charge. Love Maui and driving a Tesla around made it that much better of an experience.
Luciano AmicoLuciano Amico
03:23 31 Mar 24
The only way to rent in Hawaii. Great service, incredible vehicle and the most convenient way to enjoy the island from pickup to drop off.
Jennifer TaJennifer Ta
05:40 30 Mar 24
We loved renting from Maui EV’s! They did a phenomenal job. Airport pick up was easy, they had our electric car all ready for us. Best part is that they are a locally owned company that is trying to create eco-friendly car renting opportunities for the island. The employees are super responsive when asked any questions and always there to help. It was nice that they also included an adapter charger with our car so that we could charge easier. We went all over the island during our stay, and had no problems finding areas to charge. But Maui EV’s will give you a list of places that are convenient to charge if needed. Had no problems with our Tesla the entire time we were there, went up Haleakala and back and even through the Road to Hana and back! Highly recommend if you’re looking for an eco friendly rental car service on Maui!
Scot HawkesworthScot Hawkesworth
23:55 08 Mar 24
Met us right outside the cruise port. Gave us a rundown on the Tesla since it was our first time driving one. And met us at the company and drove us back to the cruise ship at the end of the day. Car was in great shape and had plenty of charge for our single day rental. We would absolutely rent with Maui EVs again. Thanks!
Dwin GrahamDwin Graham
03:22 29 Feb 24
We live on Maui and wanted a real life experience of driving and charging a Model Y on island to help determine if owning one would work for us. So we rented a Tesla Model Y from Maui EVs. Edwin and Anna were both so helpful and provided the different types of charger adapters we would need on island. Edwin showed me differences between driving a gas car and a Tesla. He also answered my questions about having a Tesla on island. We rented the car for about a week and we got a real good idea about what it would be like to have one here. By the end of the rental we had made the decision to go ahead and buy our own Model Y. When I told Anna that we were going to make a purchase, she sent me a referral link that would get me 3 additional months of Premium Connectivity from Tesla. I was extremely happy with the level of outstanding service we received from Maui EVs. Lots of aloha spirit!
Kim CKim C
22:02 25 Feb 24
Maui EVs has been exceptional with their services. We arrived at the cruise port and they provide transportation from cruise port to the car rental area. From beginning to end, the process as been seamless. They are on top of their communication and easily reached if there are any questions or problems. Maui EVs takes the time to teach you how to drive a Tesla if it was your first time. The Tesla we received was in very good condition and very clean unlike many cars we have rented in Hawaii. This made the drive and experience in Maui enjoyable. If I visit Maui again, I would love to rent from them due to the condition of their cars and customer service.
Kent PalanKent Palan
02:30 23 Feb 24
What a great unique renting experience not having to buy gas was great, and the car was wonderful. The people are first-rate. You should rent from them not from a big company
Allison CAllison C
04:15 22 Feb 24
We rented a Model 3 for three days while on Maui and had the best experience! Anna and the team were super communicative and patient with all of our silly questions as first-timers in a Tesla. We had an awesome trip with this rental, taking it to all corners of the island and were even able to extend our reservation by a few hours without penalty when our flight was delayed. Great prices are merely a bonus! Look forward to renting again.
John ShifflerJohn Shiffler
06:43 13 Feb 24
We rented a Tesla from Anna @ Maui EVs in December for the day of our cruise ship arrival in Maui. They were very friendly, easy to book and the level of service was over the top. They kept in communication multiple times after booking and before our arrival. Anna met us in the Tesla at a shopping center nearby the cruise ship terminal and took us back to the Maui EV office, explaining the vehicle features as she drove us. We had not driven a Tesla before so all of her tips and recommendations were much appreciated. We drove most of the Road to Hana, making several stops along the way. Towards the end of the day, we texted Anna and asked about extending the rental for the next day (our ship was not scheduled to leave until the next evening). She accommodated the additional day and said she would charge the vehicle overnight for us. She was so easy to work with and we had great rapport. She gave us the gate code to get into the Maui EV lot the next morning and the key card for the rental and told us to just come by when we wanted to pick up the car. She then dropped us off at the cruise terminal. The next day, we drove to see a volcano crater 10,000 feet up, which was one of the highlights of our entire trip, stopped at a black sand beach, then returned the car to the lot. She was there waiting for us and took us back to the cruise terminal once again. Thanks, Anna, for the amazing customer service, your friendly nature, and all that you did. We did actually get the Tesla bug and bought one (used) about a month after our return home. We highly recommend the Tesla rental experience and Anna's great service.
Jay LaswellJay Laswell
05:26 11 Feb 24
We rented a Tesla 3 for the day and loved it. Pickup and drop off was a very easy process. They even gave us a lift back to the cruise ship. I will absolutely rent a vehicle from Maui EVs the next time we are on Maui.
John JohnsonJohn Johnson
23:22 04 Feb 24
Loved renting a Tesla from MauiEVs. The process was very smooth and easy. Already looking forward to driving another EV when we return to the island!!
Tony ShankTony Shank
03:48 31 Jan 24
My wife and I rented a Model 3 for 10 days from Maui EV’s. This was by far the easiest and least painful experience renting a vehicle anyone can ask for. They are professional, communicative, and even picked us up at the airport as well as dropped us off. We will definitely use them in the future.
Erin RobsonErin Robson
04:20 19 Jan 24
The service is fantastic! Anna was lovely and so easy to communicate with. The car was basically brand new. Found free charging on the college campus, but only needed to charge after a trip up Haleakalā. Would definitely recommend!
Karina HoKarina Ho
17:17 02 Nov 23
Maui EV has incredible and friendly service! My family rented a Tesla 3 for our 1 week vacation and it came fully charged and felt almost brand-new. They were very accommodating when our flight arrived later in the night than expected and still ended up picking us up at the airport to allow for a smooth transfer after a long  journey. They provided us with complimentary adaptors and we were able to return the car at any charge. Anna in particular really embodied that Aloha spirit!I would suggest you stay at or near a place where overnight charging is readily available if you plan to do longer driving trips. The charging infrastructure on Maui isn't super comprehensive yet. However, it sounds like Maui EV is hoping to build their own level 3 chargers, so the infrastructure will likely continue to improve. I would 110% recommend Maui EV if you're interested in renting an EV for your Hawaii vacation!
sean conwaysean conway
03:31 25 Oct 23
Rented a model 3 from Maui EVs while we were docked in Maui for two days. Anna was amazing and picked us up, dropped us off at the dock and charged the car overnight. Located perfectly right next to the dock and the airport. Would highly recommend!Anna was also great with communication.
The service was incredible! We arrived in Maui on our cruise and reserve the car with Maui EVs the same day and they were able to acomodate us. We asked to extend the rental one more day and they were so flexible and took us back to board the cruise! Definitely it was a life saver, the best rate in town and we were in love with the tesla too! The best service, they went above and beyond. I am really grateful and would definitely rent from them again.
clyde monsantoclyde monsanto
17:44 07 Sep 23
"I recently had a fantastic experience with Maui EVs. Booking online was a breeze, making the whole process super convenient. The cars were spotlessly clean. I specifically rented the Tesla Model Y, and I was thoroughly impressed with its abundance of safety features. It provided an extra sense of security during my trip. I have to give a shout-out to Edward, who was incredibly courteous and attentive. He promptly responded to my texts and made sure all my questions were answered. It's always a relief to have someone so reliable and helpful, especially when you're on vacation. What's even better is that Maui EVs operates 24/7, allowing for flexibility in pick-up and drop-off times. This convenience truly made my experience seamless. Overall, I highly recommend Maui EVs to anyone looking for an easy, clean, and safe rental experience. Edward's exceptional customer service and the company's commitment to convenience make them stand out from the rest. I'll definitely be choosing Maui EVs for my future visits to Maui."
Chris GageChris Gage
14:50 02 Aug 23
I rented a Model Y from Maui EVs to experience island life in an EV. They have transformed the rental experience, this felt more like borrowing a car from a friend. I did everything online and was contacted immediately regarding delivery. I picked up the car from their facility but I could have picked up / dropped off at the airport. I am a Tesla owner so they literally sent the Model Y straight to my Tesla App. The car already knew me and set up all my drive / seat / app settings. I was able to fast charge at the Shell Recharge stations @ 50kw. This gets you about 1% charge per minute and had great conversations while charging. I borrowed the "CCS Adapter", highly recommended if you're going to be driving 300+ miles with no place to charge at your house / hotel. There were 4 Shell CCS chargers on the island (Maui Elect, Queen Mall, Kihei Lahaina) all the other "free chargers" are 3-10kw and are useless. The cars are amazing, perfect for Maui. Everyone who drove in the Tesla got my referral code. Get the Tesla App and the Shell Recharge App, and rent one of Maui EV's Teslas.
Angelica LinAngelica Lin
00:44 02 Aug 23
Best car rental experience. Easy to communicate, no super long line at the counter. Would 100/100 recommend
Chris PickettChris Pickett
02:43 25 Jul 23
Very attentive and helpful company. Picked us up from the airport in a nearly new Tesla and made sure we knew we could text any time for help or information. Offered to explain everything about the car if needed, and met us early in the morning on our departure day to take us back to the airport.Excellent service, excellent vehicles. We were very happy with our experience!
Loyce PickettLoyce Pickett
18:32 21 Jul 23
Best rental experience ever. We own Tesla's and wanted to drive what we were familiar with on the island. This company was amazing and easy to work with.
Bryan LaughlinBryan Laughlin
03:04 19 Jul 23
Great option if you are cruising into Maui. Anna was amazing, picked us up and dropped us off near the port. And she was available all day with any questions. Not having to fill the car up with gas before dropping off makes it an even better value!
Vincent BairVincent Bair
04:08 17 Jul 23
Maui EV is a secret rental car agency that you can rent a Tesla. I found the price of renting here for a great car cheaper than traditional rental car places. 300 miles on full charge. More than enough to get around Maui. Our hotel had chargers, so no problem. They pick you up in front of terminal in the car and take you to there office right outside airport to finalize. Absolutely no hassle. And it’s fun driving a Tesla around Maui!!! The staff was great. Highly recommended
David SkidmoreDavid Skidmore
23:14 04 Jul 23
Had a great experience. Car was practically brand new, came with a full battery and they picked us up at the airport in the car we were renting. It was such a joy to be able to rent a Tesla and drive to places like Hana in a car that really excels at those drives. Maui EV’s was easy to deal with and we are definitely using them on our next trip!
Ben RobinsonBen Robinson
21:24 28 Jun 23
Renting a nice new Tesla was easy and fun! Everyone I interacted with was helpful and welcoming. Not only that, Maui EVs was a lot cheaper than the national chains. If you are curious about renting a Tesla on Maui I would wholeheartedly recommend them.
04:51 25 Jun 23
- Outstanding service- Best prices- Locally ownedThey picked us up right from the airport and dropped us off very late when we had a flight delay. The people that work there are awesome. They let you set up your phone as a key which is so much easier than traditional rental keys.Spend your money on LOCAL Hawaiian business!!!!Our Tesla was spotlessly clean when we took it. Beware of the mineral sunscreen on the leather though, sit on a towel PLEASE! LOL
Anthony HeAnthony He
00:45 15 May 23
If you drive a Tesla back home, you cannot skip driving one on Maui. The MY LR is ideal for beach cruising and upcountry hill climbs. That being said, you must research and plan for recharging. I brought my own CCS adapter to use the few fast chargers on the island. Set the car to chill mode, yield to the locals, and enjoy the gorgeous Maui country roads with zero emissions!
Branson SilvaBranson Silva
07:45 10 May 23
Seriously the best experience with a rental car company! Amazing customer service, Ikaika picked me up from airport gave me great instructions with the car and gave me great info on the Island and how to make the most of our trip with the Tesla.Price is better than any other place I saw for a Tesla! Thank you so much for your kindness and I know this company will explode with more marketing and exposure it’s only a matter of time. We look forward to renting from you all again when we come back.

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