Maui Wildfires Support

Recent wildfires have deeply impacted Maui, particularly affecting Lahaina and vast areas of west Maui. The devastation has not only altered the landscape but has also affected countless lives and properties. We’re truly thankful for the outpouring of concern from our customers, many of whom have inquired about how they can assist. To guide those willing to help, we’ve curated a list of reputable organizations to consider for donations. Additionally, we’ve compiled an FAQ to address some common questions we’ve received regarding the wildfires.

Support Maui’s Recovery

Our valued customers have always shown a profound respect for the environment and the vibrant communities of Maui. In light of recent events, we encourage those who can to extend their support to the following trusted organizations dedicated to Maui’s recovery and well-being. Every contribution, no matter the size, makes a difference. From the Maui EVs Ohana to yours, mahalo nui loa for your kindness and aloha spirit.

Maui Wildfires FAQ

Was Maui EVs impacted by the recent wildfires?

We’re grateful to share that our Maui EVs Ohana and our fleet were not directly affected by the recent wildfires. However, we have close family and friends who have felt the devastating impact of the fires. We’re deeply saddened by the losses and are doing what we can to aid in recovery efforts. If you’re in a position to help, we kindly encourage you to consider donating to one of the recommended organizations above. Every bit of support aids in the healing and rebuilding of our cherished Maui community.

Should I cancel my reservation or is it okay to plan on coming to Maui given the recent wildfires?

This is a deeply personal decision, and we understand the complexities and conflicting opinions surrounding it. While the wildfires have put a strain on Maui’s resources, it’s essential to remember that our island’s economy heavily relies on tourism. As of now, tourists can visit Maui, with most businesses outside of Lahaina/West Maui operating as usual. We urge you to stay updated with trusted news sources and the Hawaii government website as well as the Maui government website for the latest on the situation. If you choose to visit, please approach our island with ALOHA, respect, and sensitivity. By doing so, you’ll find the warmth and gratitude of our local community. Whenever you’re ready to explore Maui, we at Maui EVs are here to offer you an eco-friendly Tesla experience.

Are there resources available for those directly affected by the fires?

Yes, for those directly impacted by the fires, there’s a government website that provides a comprehensive list of resources. This includes assistance in finding shelter, securing food, locating loved ones, information on unemployment insurance, and much more. Our thoughts are with everyone affected, and we hope these resources provide some relief during these challenging times.

Is Maui EVs open for business and accepting reservations?

Yes! Maui EVs is fully operational and ready to cater to your Tesla rental needs. Whenever you decide to visit Maui again, rest assured we’re here to provide you with an exceptional experience. We eagerly await the chance to serve you and welcome you back to our beautiful island with open arms!