Cheap Maui Car Rentals: Experience Unbeatable Value with Maui EVs

Looking for cheap Maui car rentals? Look no further than Maui EVs. We’re here to show you that affordable car rentals don’t have to mean compromising on quality, luxury, or convenience. With our Tesla rental services, you’ll experience exceptional value that goes beyond just the price tag.

White Tesla Model 3 on red dirt with green grass, then blue ocean, then blue sky in the background

Redefining Cheap Maui Car Rentals

When you hear “cheap Maui car rentals”, you might think of older, gas-guzzling vehicles that come with a host of hidden costs and hassles. But at Maui EVs, we’re redefining what it means to find a cheap car rental in Maui. We believe that exceptional value comes from providing top-tier services at unbeatable rates and with 0 hassles.

While other car rental services might offer lower rates, they often come with additional costs, whether it’s the inconvenience of dealing with an older vehicle, the environmental impact of a gas-powered car, or hidden fees that add up. At Maui EVs, our affordable rates come with the luxury and eco-friendliness of new Tesla vehicles, the convenience of services like airport pickup and drop-off, and a commitment to customer satisfaction that sets us apart. With us, cheap Maui car rentals mean exceptional value without the headaches.

The True Cost of Cheap Car Rentals

Navigating the world of cheap Maui car rentals can be tricky, and the saying “you get what you pay for” is often true. Initial low rates may look good, but they can hide a range of extra costs and inconveniences. Older, gas-guzzling cars can break down and spoil your vacation, unexpected fees can inflate the final price, and poor service can take the shine off your Maui adventure.

With many budget rentals, the lower price can mean wasted time and plenty of stress. That’s where Maui EVs is different. We offer top-notch Tesla vehicles at an affordable price, providing incredible value and excellent service to ensure a hassle-free vacation. Plus, driving an electric vehicle (EV) means you save even more, as the cost to “fill up” an EV is generally more than three times lower than filling up a gas-powered car. With us, you enjoy a dream Maui vacation, save money, and help the environment, all at the same time.

Tesla Model 3 on side of road and open skies, grass, and mountains in background

The Maui EVs Difference

Exceptional Value and Affordable Luxury

At Maui EVs, we’ve redefined what it means to get a cheap Maui car rental. More than just a cost-effective option, we provide an unparalleled experience filled with luxury and eco-conscious choices. Choosing us for your car rental needs ensures you’re not just getting a vehicle; you’re gaining access to the sleek design and eco-friendly benefits of a Tesla, along with convenient services like airport pick-up and drop-off. Our commitment is to make your Maui adventure extraordinary, memorable, and absolutely hassle-free.

No Hidden Costs, Just Transparent Value

One of our defining features is our transparency. Unlike other cheap car rental options, we’ve eliminated the typical hidden costs that catch you off guard. We won’t charge you for returning your Tesla with a low charge, for adding an additional driver, or for clocking in extra miles. And yes, those essential charging adapters? They’re yours to use, free of “charge”. Our goal is to ensure that from the moment you start your booking until you return the car, your experience is smooth, enjoyable, and completely transparent.

The Added Perks of Renting with Maui EVs

Free Additional Driver: Share the driving experience without any additional cost. We allow you to add an extra driver to your rental contract at no extra charge, ensuring everyone gets a turn behind the wheel of our thrilling Teslas.

Price Match Policy: To reinforce our commitment to providing the best value, we’re working on implementing a price match policy. Simply contact us if you think you’ve found a better deal, and we’ll match it (and throw in our exceptional service). You can feel confident knowing that you are getting the best deal for your Tesla rental, making your choice to get a cheap Maui car rental with Maui EVs a no-brainer.

Competitive and Transparent Pricing

We pride ourselves on offering competitive rates, ensuring you enjoy the luxury of a Tesla without the hefty price tag. Check out our price comparison page to see how our rates stack up against the competition. With Maui EVs, affordable car rentals translate to high-quality service, unmatched value, and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Experience the Maui EVs difference today, and get ready to explore Maui in style!


Ready to start your Maui adventure? Don’t settle for just any cheap Maui car rentals. Choose Maui EVs and experience the difference of a company that’s committed to providing exceptional value, luxury, and convenience at an affordable price. Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from our many happy customers. Then book your Tesla rental with us today and start your unforgettable Maui adventure with Maui EVs.

Cheap Maui Car Rentals FAQ

What makes Maui EVs different from other cheap car rental options in Maui?

Maui EVs stands out by offering luxury Tesla vehicles at affordable rates, with no hidden costs and plenty of added perks, such as free additional driver options, free use of charging adapters, and a price match policy as well. Our commitment is to provide exceptional value and hassle-free experiences for our customers.

Can I trust the vehicles provided by Maui EVs given the affordable rates?

Absolutely! Despite our competitive pricing, we offer new and well-maintained Tesla vehicles. These electric cars are known for their reliability, cutting-edge technology, and luxurious driving experience. We believe in providing top-tier value without compromising on quality.

Are there any hidden fees that I should be aware of before renting with Maui EVs?

No, Maui EVs prides itself on transparency and eliminating hidden costs. Our rates include perks like free additional driver options and free use of charging adapters, and we do not charge extra for returning the car with a low charge or for driving additional miles.

How does Maui EVs ensure a hassle-free rental experience?

From the moment you book with us until you return the car, we ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience. Our services include convenient airport pick-up and drop-off, and our friendly and knowledgeable staff are always ready to assist you. So say goodbye to crowded airport shuttles and long rental car lines! Plus, you get to enjoy the luxury and eco-friendly benefits of driving a Tesla. 😉 

How does the free additional driver option work?

When you rent a Tesla with Maui EVs, you can add an extra driver to your rental contract at no additional cost. This means that more than one person can enjoy the thrill of driving a Tesla, ensuring that everyone gets a turn behind the wheel during your Maui adventure.

How can I be sure that renting a Tesla is the right choice for my Maui adventure?

Renting a Tesla with Maui EVs ensures you get to explore the island in style, with the added benefits of a luxurious, eco-friendly vehicle, and a company committed to making your experience memorable. Whether you’re looking for adventure, comfort, or a bit of both, a Tesla rental from Maui EVs is sure to enhance your Maui adventure.

Does Maui EVs provide options for charging the Tesla during my rental period?

Yes, we provide free charging adapters with each rental. These adapters are compatible with various public charging stations across Maui, ensuring that you can keep your Tesla charged and ready to go throughout your adventure. In addition, we provide overnight charging as well for a fee (generally used by our cruise ship passengers). With this service customers can drop off the car at our office for the night, and we’ll have it fully charged and ready for pickup and the days adventure in the morning.

How does Maui EVs contribute to a positive environmental impact?

By offering Tesla cars, we provide an eco-friendly option for travelers looking to reduce their carbon footprint. Teslas are known for their zero-emission performance, contributing to a cleaner, greener Maui for both residents and visitors to enjoy. Plus, as we grow we intend to make more investments to reduce our carbon footprint, like using solar energy and contributing to causes with the same goals.

How does the cost of charging a Tesla compare to filling up a gas car?

Charging a Tesla is significantly cheaper than filling up a gas car. On average, it costs about $15.52 to fully charge a Tesla, which is generally more than 3 times cheaper than the cost of gas. This means you can save tens or even hundreds of dollars on fuel costs during your rental period, depending on how much you drive. Making your cheap Maui Car rental even cheaper overall!

Is it easy to find charging stations for a Tesla on Maui?

Absolutely! There are numerous public charging stations across the island, and with tools like the Tesla navigation system, smartphone apps, or our charging stations page, finding a charging station near you is quick and easy. Though depending on how much you want to drive, you may not need to charge up at all, checkout our driving around Maui page for more details.