Enterprise Car Rental Maui: Switch to Maui EVs Today

Aloha, and warmest welcomes to the stunning paradise of Maui! We understand that finding the perfect car rental is an essential piece of your island adventure. Maybe you’re thinking about an Enterprise Car Rental in Maui, but we’re here to show you the unique charm and unbeatable experience that comes with choosing Maui EVs. Whether you’re coming by plane or cruise port, join us in discovering why we’re not just another car rental option – we’re your partner in an unforgettable Maui journey!

Comparison Table Maui EVS VS. Enterprise Maui

Feature Maui EVs Enterprise Maui
Eco-friendly EV Offering
Supporting a Local Company
No lines, Hassle Free Pickup
Free Additional Driver
No Low Charge Fee on Returns
Good Prices
Great Value
Tesla Model 3 parked on the beach with the sun setting in the background

Luxury and Value the Best of Both Worlds

Choosing Maui EVs transforms your journey into a lavish adventure, far surpassing the ordinary enterprise Maui gas options. Our fleet, sparkling with the latest Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys, brings you the epitome of luxury, speed, and green driving—all at an unbeatable value. Imagine the thrill of accelerating from 0 to 60 in a swift 3.1 seconds, all while basking in Maui’s scenic splendors through the Tesla’s expansive all-glass roof. And as the silent electric engine propels you forward, you’ll find Maui’s enchanting soundscape of ocean waves and tropical birds singing just for you. Welcome to the ultimate car rental experience, tailored just for your Maui adventure!

A Local Company with a Heart in Maui

Opting for Maui EVs is more than just a rental choice; it’s a heartfelt embrace of true Maui spirit. Unlike the sprawling branches of enterprise car rental giants, we are Maui through and through. Our roots run deep in this vibrant community, reflecting a genuine commitment to delivering extraordinary service to our guests while actively contributing to the well-being of our beloved island. We’re committed to supporting the island and community as we grow. Join us in making meaningful memories while supporting the local heartbeat of Maui.


Transform your car rental experience from mundane to magical with Maui EVs. Forget the frustration of long waits and crowded shuttles that you might find with typical enterprise car rental Maui services. Our seamless contactless pickup lets you jump straight into your adventure, no matter the time of day. And if a warm welcome is what you’re after, our personalized airport pickup service delivers the Aloha spirit straight to your arrival door, making your transition from air to road as gentle as the island’s soothing breeze. With us, your incredible journey begins the moment you land.


Embark on an extraordinary journey with Maui EVs, where we go the extra mile to ensure your experience is nothing short of stellar. Taste the freedom of endless exploration with unlimited miles included in every rental, ensuring the only limit is your sense of adventure. With the flexibility to return your Tesla at any charge level, you can wave goodbye to additional fees and focus on soaking in Maui’s beauty. Share the joy of driving a Tesla by adding an additional driver for free—because the best adventures are shared. Plus, with our complimentary charging adapters, you’re equipped for uninterrupted exploration. At Maui EVs, we don’t just offer a car; we offer a passport to an unforgettable Maui adventure.


Thinking about Enterprise Car Rental in Maui for your upcoming trip? Hold that thought and discover why Maui EVs is rapidly becoming the go-to choice for discerning travelers. Immerse yourself in luxury, value, and a personalized touch that turns your car rental experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Our fleet of top-tier Teslas and our dedication to exceptional service have earned us a stellar reputation, with numerous 5-star reviews from delighted customers. Choose Maui EVs for your Maui adventure, and join our community of happy adventurers!

Hear it Straight From our Customers

Renting with Maui EVs was incredible vs all of the legacy rental agencies. Communication was easy, the car was new and spotless and the process of pickup/drop off was super efficient, easy, and took no more time than an on site pickup/return...This is the only place you should be renting from on Maui.

Hugh Switzer

Maui EVs. Vs. Enterprise Maui FAQ

Can I rent a Tesla from Maui EVs without previous electric car driving experience?

Absolutely! Our Teslas are user-friendly, and we provide a quick and easy guide to ensure you feel comfortable and confident before hitting the road. Plus, our team is always available to answer any questions you might have.

How does the contactless pickup option work?

Our contactless pickup option is designed for your convenience. Once your reservation is confirmed, we’ll send you all the necessary instructions and details to access your Tesla, allowing you to start your adventure in Maui seamlessly and swiftly. For more details, you can checkout our contactless pickup page.

What happens if I need assistance during my rental period?

Our dedicated customer service team is here for you. Whether you have a question about the car or need roadside assistance, we’re just a call away to ensure your rental experience is smooth and enjoyable. Even if you contact us outside of business hours, we’ll do our best to answer or get back to you ASAP.

How does the airport pickup service work?

Opt for our airport pickup service, and a friendly Maui EVs representative will greet you at the airport, assist with your luggage, and drive you to your Tesla, ensuring a warm and stress-free start to your Maui adventure! For more information on the process, you can checkout our airport pickup page.

Is insurance included in the rental, or do I need to provide my own?

Insurance is not included in the rental price, but we do offer our own insurance option for you to choose during the booking process. Alternatively, you can provide your own insurance as long as it meets the necessary Liability coverage requirements.

Can I extend my rental period if I decide to stay longer in Maui?

Absolutely! We understand that Maui’s charm might make you want to extend your stay. Simply contact us before your rental period ends, and we will do our best to accommodate your extension request, subject to vehicle availability.

Do the Teslas come with any special features to enhance my driving experience in Maui?

Indeed, they do! Our Teslas are equipped with state-of-the-art features like a premium sound system, extra storage space in the frunk, exceptional 5 star safety rating, whisper quiet electric engine, and a spacious all-glass roof, providing you with an unparalleled driving experience as you explore the enchanting landscapes of Maui.

Are there any hidden fees that I should be aware of?

At Maui EVs, we believe in transparency. There are no hidden fees in our rental process. Everything is clearly outlined up front during the booking process (including tax), ensuring you know exactly what’s included in your rental package.

How does the free additional driver option work?

Sharing the driving experience is part of the adventure! You can add an additional driver for free during the booking process, ensuring both of you are authorized to drive and fully insured.

What makes Maui EVs a better choice than Enterprise Car Rental Maui?

Maui EVs offers a unique blend of luxury, value, and personalized service that stands out from conventional rental options. Our fleet of brand-new Teslas, seamless rental processes, and commitment to customer satisfaction create a rental experience that’s in a league of its own. Plus, when you choose us, you’re supporting a local business that’s passionate about contributing positively to the Maui community and planet.