Contact-Free Pickup Service: Cause Who Likes Waiting in Lines?

Let’s face it, the only lines you want to see on your Maui vacation are the ones on the road as you cruise around in your Tesla. With our contact-free pickup service, now available as an add-on option for a small additional fee, you can skip the dreaded rental car counter line and get straight to the fun part – exploring Maui!

Please note: This convenient service is available for an additional fee to cover our increased operational costs, ensuring we maintain the highest quality of service for you.

airplane arrival and deplaning

Step 1: Touchdown and Text Us

Just landed at Kahului Airport? Fantastic! Just send us a message and your stylish Tesla will be ready and waiting in the parking lot. We’ll send a unique code to your phone via the Tesla app. This code will be used to unlock your car and turns your phone into a key. Prefer a card key? No problem, we’ve got one in the car for you.

airport parking lot

Step 2: Grab Your Bags and Go

Once you’ve collected your luggage (and maybe a lei or two), head to the parking lot. We’ll send you a detailed description of your Tesla’s location, along with photos. It’ll be like a treasure hunt, but instead of a chest of gold, you’ll find a luxury Tesla. Not a bad trade-off, right?

Tesla Model 3 driven down a road

Step 3: Unlock and Embark

Unlock your Tesla and start your adventure! The parking fee to exit the lot ranges from $1 to $24, depending on if there are any travel delays. We’ll drop off the car close to your arrival time to minimize parking costs and maximize convenience.

Before you hit the road, do take a moment to check our quick start guide to familiarize yourself with your Tesla.

Step 4: Return and Fly

As your Maui journey concludes, choose from two return options. For ease, leave your Tesla at the airport parking lot where you picked it up at your scheduled time; we’ll handle the parking fee. Or, for a personal farewell, drop it off at our office at no extra cost. We’ll happily provide a complimentary ride to the airport, giving us a chance to personally say Mahalo for choosing Maui EVs and bid you a warm “aloha” until your next visit!

Ready to enjoy Maui without the hassle of lines and paperwork? Book your Tesla with Maui EVs today and savor the ease of contact-free pickup and return!

Contactless Pickup FAQ

Why do you charge a fee for the contactless pickup service?

At Maui EVs, we strive to offer services that enhance your rental experience while maintaining our commitment to quality and sustainability. The fee for our contactless pickup service reflects the additional operational efforts involved in providing this convenience.

  1. Time and Coordination: Our team invests extra time and effort to ensure your Tesla is ready and waiting for you at the airport. This includes precisely timing the drop-off to align with your arrival, taking into account potential flight delays or early landings.

  2. Transportation Costs: Once we’ve securely parked and readied your vehicle at the airport, our staff needs to return to our office. This involves arranging transportation back, which incurs additional costs.

  3. Seamless Experience: The fee also supports the seamless, high-quality experience we promise. From ensuring the vehicle is in top condition to providing support if you need assistance with the vehicle or the contactless pickup process.

We believe this small additional fee is a fair exchange for the convenience and time saved, allowing you to start your Maui adventure smoothly and efficiently. Our goal is always to provide top-tier services that align with our values of sustainability, customer satisfaction, and local community support.


Remember, when you return the vehicle to the airport, Maui EVs covers the parking fee upon your departure, as a gesture of our gratitude and commitment to service excellence.

Will I be responsible for any parking fees when using the contactless pickup service?

Yes, for the contactless pickup, you’ll be responsible for the parking fee, which ranges from $1 to $24. This fee depends on the duration the car is parked before your arrival. Rest assured, we aim to park the Tesla as close to your arrival time as possible to minimize this fee. However, when you choose the contactless drop-off option, Maui EVs covers the parking fee on return, ensuring a worry-free conclusion to your journey with us.

What if I don't have a smartphone or my phone battery dies?

No worries! We also provide a card key in the vehicle as a backup. You can use this to unlock and operate the Tesla if needed.

What if I have issues accessing my Tesla?

In the unlikely scenario where you’re having trouble accessing your Tesla, please  contact us.

How will I know where to find my Tesla in the airport parking lot?

We’ll send you a detailed description of your Tesla’s location, along with photos, and if you have any trouble finding your vehicle you can contact us!

What happens if I'm delayed at the airport and the parking fee is more than expected?

As of this writing, the parking fee is typically no more than $5.00 unless you’re delayed at the airport for more than an hour. If your flight is delayed or you’re held up at the airport for other reasons, please let us know and we’ll work together to figure it out.

I'm not familiar with driving a Tesla. Will I be able to figure it out?

Absolutely! We provide a Tesla Quick Start Guide that gives you all the information you need to operate the vehicle. Plus, Teslas are designed to be user-friendly, so you’ll likely find it’s easier than you think.