Swap Turo Maui for Maui EVs: Elevate Your Island Experience

When planning your Maui adventure, the choice of rental car is crucial. At Maui EVs, we believe in providing more than just a car. We offer a top-notch service, exceptional pricing, and a commitment to our beautiful island’s sustainability. Here’s why Maui EVs is a superior choice to Turo Maui.

No Hidden Fees, Transparent Pricing

We keep things simple and transparent at Maui EVs. Unlike Turo Maui, we don’t surprise you with hidden “trip fees”. We offer the best deals on Tesla rentals in Maui, often beating Turo’s best price for a Tesla (by a wide margin). Don’t take our word for it – check out our price comparison page to see the numbers for yourself.

Superior Quality and Maintenance

While Turo Maui offers Tesla rentals, they often come with higher mileage and are typically older models. Also, maintenance and cleaning often isn’t consistent between hosts. However, when you choose Maui EVs, you’re choosing top-of-the-line, well-maintained Teslas, cleaned and prepared to perfection for your Maui vacation.

Effortless and Convenient

At Maui EVs, we’re all about making your rental experience as smooth as a drive on the Road to Hana. Unlike Turo, we don’t sweat the small stuff. Forget about returning your Tesla with a full charge – we’ve got that covered. Plus, we throw in charging adapters for free and even let you add an extra driver at no cost!

And here’s a bonus: most credit cards won’t cover collision damage for Turo rentals, but they do for Maui EVs. So, you can enjoy your Maui adventure with peace of mind, knowing you’re covered. With Maui EVs, it’s all about the journey, not the paperwork.

Support Local, Go Green

When you choose Maui EVs over Turo Maui, your rental becomes an investment — in our island community and a greener world. With us, there are no cuts taken by an off-island platform like Turo. Instead, your spending stays right here in our local economy, fueling Maui’s sustainable future. Join us for a journey that delivers not just luxurious comfort and unbeatable affordability, but also makes a positive, lasting impact on our island paradise.

Embrace the future of car rentals with Maui EVs today – where luxury, value, and sustainability coexist! Make your reservation now!

Maui EVs vs. Turo FAQ

How do I know I'm getting the best deal with Maui EVs compared to Turo?

We’re confident in our competitive pricing, and we invite you to check out our price comparison page. You’ll see that we often beat Turo’s best price for a Tesla by a wide margin. Plus, we offer additional benefits like free charging adapters, a bonus additional driver, and no hidden “trip fees”, coupled with our excellent service and clearly we’re a better value.

Are all the Teslas offered by Maui EVs new models?

Yes, we offer top-of-the-line, well-maintained Teslas. Unlike some rentals on Turo, our vehicles are newer models and are cleaned and prepared to perfection for your Maui vacation.

What if I need to return the car early or late?

At Maui EVs, we strive to make your rental experience as effortless as possible. Please contact us with any changes to your schedule, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

How does renting with Maui EVs support the local community?

When you choose Maui EVs, your spending stays right here in our local economy. Unlike off-island platforms like Turo, we reinvest in our island community and work towards a sustainable future for Maui.

What's included in the rental price?

Our transparent pricing includes everything you need for a smooth ride, including free charging adapters and the option to add an extra driver at no cost. Plus, most credit cards cover collision damage for Maui EVs rentals, giving you more peace of mind.

Do you accommodate early pickups and/or late drop offs?

Yes! Unlike with many Turo hosts, at Maui EVs, we prioritize customer satisfaction and convenience. We accept early morning and late night reservations, with staff on hand or a simple contactless option available.