Airport Drop Off

With our airport drop off service you can simply drop off your vehicle at our office (located at 40 Hobron Ave, Kahului, HI 96732, USA), and we’ll arrange transportation to ensure you make it safely to the airport for your flight. Please note when choosing this option, we’ll likely use the original rental vehicle to take everyone to the airport, so when using this option we’ll require at least 25 miles of range upon return to ensure we can get you to the airport and back safely.

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1. Communicate the date and approximate drop off time with us

We’ll reach out to you before your rental ends to schedule your drop off if you choose to use our office drop off service. In addition, a day of message would be helpful if you’re running early or late so we can know when to expect you.

Tesla model 3 parked with free spaces on either side
2. Drop off your vehicle
Once you arrive at the office we’ll do a quick vehicle inspection and complete the drop off process.
If you’re traveling with a party we advise you to drop off your party at the airport before going to drop off the vehicle at the office. This will ensure there’s room for us to drive you safely to the airport.
Tesla Model 3 driven down a road
3. We’ll drive you to the airport and wish you a safe journey home
A member of our staff will drive you the short 7 minutes to the airport using the original rental vehicle. 
We’ll wish you and your party a safe journey home, and may even ask you for feedback to improve our experience for you next time. Mahalo for driving with us!