Effortless EV Charging with Charging Stations Across Maui

Driving an electric vehicle in Maui is an eco-friendly luxury you can indulge in without stressing about charging your vehicle. Our Tesla rentals come with a built-in map, accessible from the vehicle touchscreen, helping you locate suitable charging stations island-wide. We’ve also curated a convenient Plugshare map below featuring Tesla-compatible charging stations.

*Note: You may need an adapter to use some of the charging stations listed, please look at the details carefully.

Charge On-The-Go with Free Adapters

Our commitment to seamless EV driving in Maui extends beyond just providing you with a Tesla. All our rentals come equipped with a free J1772 adapter, compatible with the majority of charging stations on the island. For those who prefer additional options, we offer a limited number of CCS adapters and mobile connectors, available upon request at no extra cost. These additions ensure you’re ready for all charging situations, wherever your Maui adventures take you. Checkout our FAQ for more details.

Experience Maui in a Single Charge

Did you know you might not even need to recharge your Tesla during your stay? The majority of locations in Maui are within a single charge’s distance. Explore the island’s attractions without worrying about finding the next charging station. For more details on navigating around Maui efficiently, visit our ‘Driving Around Maui‘ page.

Return At Any Charge Level

At Maui EVs, we understand every moment of your vacation is precious. To help you make the most of it, we’ve removed the need to recharge before returning your vehicle. You can return your Tesla at any charge level without incurring any fees. Save time, energy, and focus on making unforgettable memories.

Explore Maui’s Charging Stations

Discover more about Maui’s charging stations we’ve tested and documented, each ensuring your Tesla stays powered up for your island adventure:

Charging station Video Guides


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Your Maui Adventure Awaits with Maui EVs

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