Cruisin Maui? Rent a Car the Eco-Friendly Way with Maui EVs!

Welcome to your lush Hawaiian getaway! Elevate your journey while cruisin Maui, rent a car from Maui EVs, where your journey is sprinkled with the true spirit of Aloha! Immerse yourself in a vibrant, eco-conscious adventure aboard our luxury Tesla vehicles, ensuring your island explorations are not only extraordinary but also kind to our beautiful paradise. Let’s create unforgettable, eco-friendly Maui memories together!

Tesla Model 3 on side of road and open skies, grass, and mountains in background

Maui EVs: The top Choice for a Cruisin Maui Rent a Car

Make a Positive Impact on a Fragile Paradise: The serene and mesmerizing beauty of Maui, from its lush landscapes to vibrant coral reefs, faces stark challenges due to climate change – causing shoreline loss and dwindling marine life, among other crises. Your choice to drive with Maui EVs not only reduces your carbon footprint but also contributes to a future where the mesmerizing spectacles of Maui remain enchanting and preserved for generations to come.

Tesla: A Marvel for Your Maui Exploration: Immerse in Maui’s breathtaking surroundings with our luxury Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys, where innovative eco-friendliness meets splendid touring experience. The tranquil silence of Tesla’s electric engine, combined with the expansive all-glass roof, brings Maui’s spectacular vistas to life right above you, while the extra ‘frunk’ space and astonishing 0-60 in as little as 3.1 seconds infuse your journey with both convenience and thrill!

Service Beyond Just a Rental: Embark on your adventure with Maui EVs and discover an unmatched rental service dedicated to not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations. Enjoy the liberty of rapid, contactless pickup, ensuring your journey commences without a hitch whether you arrive by land or sea. And if a personal touch appeals to you, our friendly airport pickup service, infused with our warm Aloha spirit, awaits to take you away into your unforgettable Maui adventure!

Value in Every Cruisin Maui Rent a Car Journey

Embark on a uniquely electrifying adventure across the island with Maui EVs, where every mile you cruise is a stand against the ordinary! We ensure your journey is not just a great rental experience, but also an exceptional value with our exclusive benefits paired with the luxury and eco-consciousness of a brand-new Tesla. Revel in the freedom of unlimited miles, no additional driver fee, and a journey undisturbed by low charge return fees or charging adapter hassles. Explore, experience, and engulf yourself in the sheer joy and responsible luxury of cruisin Maui, with a rent a car experience meticulously crafted for eco-concious explorers like you!

Tesla Model 3 with sun setting behind the car

Driving Community Support While You Explore Maui

Choose Maui EVs and make your island adventures count! Cruisin Maui in a rent-a-car from us not only elevates your journey with genuine Aloha spirit but also drives support to our beloved local community. Your rental dollars loop back into the island, aiding in times of need and nurturing its vibrant life. We’re not just providing wheels; we’re spinning a cycle of care and community upliftment that keeps Maui flourishing, even in the face of challenges like the Lahaina wildfires. Enjoy every mile, knowing you’re contributing to something truly meaningful and helpful to the local community!

Cruisin Maui Chronicles: What Our Customers Say

Renting with Maui EVs was incredible vs all of the legacy rental agencies. Communication was easy, the car was new and spotless and the process of pickup/drop off was super efficient, easy, and took no more time than an on site pickup/return...This is the only place you should be renting from on Maui.

Hugh Switzer

It was a pleasant experience driving the Tesla y. It was spotlessly clean and Anne was great with her explanation and driving tips.No expensive gas to buy. I would definitely rent from Maui Ev for my next car rental.

William Worcester

Putting You and Maui First

Picture this: you, gliding along the lush landscapes from the grandeur of Haleakalā Crater to the peaceful Wailea beaches, in a ride that cares as much for your memories as for Maui’s magnificent nature. Cruisin Maui in a rent-a-car from Maui EVs isn’t just travel, it’s a heartfelt journey where luxury, consciousness, and care intertwine. Let’s craft not just a trip, but a tapestry of memories and positive impact, ensuring the beauty of Maui is cherished and preserved.

Ready to take a path where every mile matters? Make a reservation, or chat with our team to secure your key to an enchanting, eco-luxurious Maui adventure today!

Our Cruisin Maui Rent A Car FAQ

Are there any age restrictions for renting a Tesla from Maui EVs?

Yes, drivers must be at least 25 years old to rent a vehicle from Maui EVs. We ensure a smooth rental process with minimal paperwork so you can quickly get cruisin’ around Maui in your eco-friendly ride!

How does the charging process work, and where can I charge the Tesla during my travels in Maui?

We’ve got you powered! Your Tesla rental comes with a convenient J1772 adapter that can be used at the majority of charging stations around Maui. Maui boasts many charging stations, and we also offer other adapters like the convenient mobile adapter ensuring you’re empowered to explore every enchanting nook and cranny of the island!

What should I do in case of an emergency or if I need assistance with the vehicle during my rental period?

Your carefree adventure is our priority! In case of an emergency or if you need assistance, Maui EVs provides support. Simply contact us, and our dedicated team will promptly assist you, ensuring your journey remains smooth and delightful.

What is the driving range of your Tesla vehicles?

Our Teslas boast a remarkable driving range, ensuring you can explore Maui’s enchanting locales without frequent charging pauses. The Model 3 offers up to 272 miles, and the Model Y up to 303 miles of range on a full charge. This extensive range, coupled with Tesla’s exhilarating performance, ensures your island adventures are boundless, smooth, and utterly unforgettable! For more information on why a Tesla and Maui are the perfect pair, you can checkout our Driving Around Maui page. 

Can I modify or cancel my reservation after it has been made?

We understand that plans can change! Maui EVs offers a flexible modification and cancellation policy, allowing you to adjust your adventures as life unfolds. If you need to adjust your reservation, simply contact us with your reservation number and we can quickly make the change for you.