Driving Around Maui

Experience the Ease of Driving a Tesla Around Maui

Embarking on your Maui adventure in a Tesla, you’ll experience a unique blend of luxury, tranquility, and environmental stewardship. Our Tesla EVs, renowned for their whisper-quiet engines and stunning all-glass roofs, offer an unrivaled driving experience that truly complements the majesty of Maui’s landscapes.

But, we understand that you may have concerns about the practicalities of driving around Maui in an electric vehicle. Let’s address these concerns head-on.

Primarily, range anxiety is a thing of the past with our Teslas. Their impressive full-charge range well exceeds the distance required for driving around Maui, even if you plan to explore its most far-flung corners. Whether you’re tracing the coastline or crossing the island’s heart, our Teslas have the stamina to make the journey. Plus, Maui has many charging stations conveniently dispersed across the island, assuring your Tesla is always ready for the next leg of your adventure. 

We’re not just saying this, below we provide some of the evidence on why choosing a Tesla from Maui EVs is the perfect companion for your Maui adventure.

The Tesla Advantage

Our Teslas offer an impressive full-charge range of 272 miles (or more depending on the model). Considering the entire Maui circuit (circumference around Maui by road) is only about 187 miles, you’ll have more than enough battery to drive around the entire island’s enchanting landscapes, with miles left to spare.

Driving the circumference of Maui, as much as possible by road, is only about 187 miles
Driving around Maui is approximately 187 miles and will take about 7 hours

Reaching Maui’s Popular Destinations

Most of Maui’s must-see spots fall well within a Tesla’s generous range. Whether you’re bound for the vibrant beauty of Hana or the awe-inspiring vistas of Haleakalā National Park, our Teslas are equipped to take you there.

With thoughtful trip planning, you might even be able to visit every popular destination from our recommended list on a single charge. That’s the promise of Maui EVs – unrestricted exploration, unmatched convenience, and zero carbon footprint.

Mapping Your Route

To help you plan, we’ve compiled a chart of approximate one-way driving distances between popular Maui locations. For example, Makena is around 40 miles from Kapalua, while the journey between Makena and Wailea is just 3 miles.

Rest assured, our Teslas are well-equipped to handle any Maui itinerary. You could even possibly drive around the entire island and visit all of the beautiful destinations below on one charge!

Sample Route

The following round trip route, spanning approximately 255 miles, demonstrates how you can visit all these fantastic destinations on a single charge:

Kahului -> (5) Wailuku -> (7) Maalea -> (25) Kapalua -> (6) Kaanapali -> (5) Lahaina -> (23) Kihei -> (5) Wailea -> (3) Makena -> (67) Hana -> (70) Haleakala -> (29) Pukalani -> (10) Kahului

* The distance from source location to the destination is in parenthesis

Factors like traffic, passenger & cargo weight, inclines, and wind will significantly influence mileage, so we recommend using the many charging stations around Maui to top up along your journey.

Experience driving around Maui in a way that’s as extraordinary as the island itself. Choose a Tesla from us for your next adventure. Experience luxury, efficiency, and sustainability in one package from a locally owned and operated company. Book your Tesla today with Maui EVs and make your Maui vacation unforgettable!

Driving distances grid where source location is on the left, destination is on the top and distance in miles is the value
Maui driving distances to popular destinations in miles

Driving Around Maui FAQ

How long does it take to drive around Maui?

Driving the perimeter of Maui takes about 7 to 10 hours non-stop, depending on traffic. It’s a scenic route with many beautiful spots to explore. However, please note that our rental cars are not allowed on the backside of the Road to Hana due to unsafe road conditions.

Can you drive around Maui in an EV?

Absolutely. One of our full-charged Teslas provides at least 272 miles of range, and can easily cover Maui’s 187-mile circumference with charge to spare. You can visit most of Maui’s top spots on one charge (as the above page demonstrates). And if needed, there are many charging stations across the island.

Is driving in Maui difficult?

No, actually driving in Maui is quite easy! Like most of the islands, life on Maui is pretty laid back, and generally the residents and visitors are relaxed easy going drivers. Most of the roads are paved and simple to navigate with good signage. Even the infamous one way roads on the Road to Hana are pretty easy to navigate if you follow the proper driving etiquette