Kihei Car Rental: Elevate Your Maui Adventure with Maui EVs

Beautiful Kihei beckons with its sun-kissed beaches and lively atmosphere. While many travelers might start their search with a Kihei car rental in mind, Maui EVs offers a unique blend of luxury, convenience, and sustainability that sets us apart, even if our roots are in Kahului.


Imagine landing at Kahului Airport and being on your way to the stunning beaches of Kihei within minutes. That’s what Maui EVs offers. Situated just a 7-minute drive from the airport, our prime location spares you the long shuttles to Kihei, getting you on the road faster than any other car rental option. The scenic ride to Kihei has never been this swift and convenient.

Kihei Car Rental – Pickup and Unmatched Convenience

Every moment in Maui is golden. Recognizing this, Maui EVs offers both a 24/7  contactless pickup service and a personalized airport pickup service for those seeking a warmer, in-person touch. Say goodbye to the tedious queues of rental car counters. Instead, swiftly grab the keys to your luxury Tesla Model 3 or Model Y and let your unforgettable Kihei adventure begin with unmatched convenience.

Premium Vehicle Fleet

Exploring the captivating town of Kihei calls for a ride that’s equally impressive. Dive into the luxury of our pristine Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys. Beyond the typical Kihei car rental options that might saddle you with older, high-mileage cars, Maui EVs propels you into the future. Glide silently through Kihei’s streets with Tesla’s whisper-quiet electric motor. Gaze upwards and soak in Maui’s breathtaking skies through the all-glass roof. Feel the exhilaration of 0-60 acceleration in just 3.1 seconds, and relish in the knowledge that electric charging is not only eco-friendly but also light on your pocket compared to gas. With state-of-the-art tech and unmatched comfort, our Teslas redefine what it means to explore Kihei in style.

Unbeatable Value for Your Money

True luxury is not just about driving a premium vehicle; it’s about the entire experience being seamless and of great value. At Maui EVs, our ethos is to provide outstanding value at competitive prices. We offer more than just a luxury car; our package includes free charging adapters, unlimited miles, a complimentary additional driver, and the peace of mind that comes with no fees for low charge returns. And if you ever find a similar luxury vehicle at a better rate elsewhere? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re committed to offering unbeatable value, and that means we’ll gladly consider a price match. Dive into the unparalleled value we bring to the Kihei car rental scene and experience premium without the crazy price tag.

Supporting the Local Maui Community

When you choose Maui EVs, you’re not just getting a car; you’re becoming part of our Maui ohana. Rooted in the local community, we’re driven by a passion for both the environment and the unique spirit of Maui. Your rental contributes directly to the betterment of our beautiful island and supports a sustainable, brighter future for all. 


At Maui EVs, it’s not just our cars that stand out. We pride ourselves on offering unparalleled service, ensuring our customers experience the best of Maui and the best Kihei car rental in every way. But don’t just take our word for it – read the glowing reviews from our many satisfied customers who have made their Maui journey truly exceptional with us.


I rented a Model Y from Maui EVs to experience island life in an EV. They have transformed the rental experience, this felt more like borrowing a car from a friend. I did everything online and was contacted immediately regarding delivery. I picked up the car from their facility but I could have picked up / dropped off at the airport. I am a Tesla owner so they literally sent the Model Y straight to my Tesla App. The car already knew me and set up all my drive / seat / app settings....

Chris Gage

Seriously the best experience with a rental car company! Amazing customer service, Ikaika picked me up from airport gave me great instructions with the car and gave me great info on the Island and how to make the most of our trip with the Tesla. Price is better than any other place I saw for a Tesla! ...

Branson Silva

Begin Your Kihei Adventure in Style

Every moment of your Kihei adventure should be exceptional, starting with your choice in car rental. At Maui EVs, we blend luxury with our exceptional service, ensuring your experience goes beyond the typical Kihei car rental. From our swift and convenient pickups to our state-of-the-art Teslas, we offer unbeatable value that stands out in the Kihei car rental scene. As a local company, we bring genuine aloha spirit to every interaction. Ready to embark on a truly unforgettable Kihei journey? Let Maui EVs enhance every mile of your Maui experience.

FAQs about a Kihei Car Rental with Maui EVs

Why choose Maui EVs over a traditional Kihei car rental company?

While many companies can rent you a car, Maui EVs offers a unique blend of luxury, convenience, and sustainability. From swift pickups near the Kahului Airport to our luxury Tesla fleet and our commitment to the local community, we aim to elevate every moment of your Kihei journey.

How close is Maui EVs to the Kahului Airport?

We’re just a quick 7-minute drive from Kahului Airport, making it super convenient for travelers to get picked up and head straight to Kihei or any other destination on Maui.

Do you only offer contactless pickups?

While we do provide a 24/7 contactless pickup service for those valuing quickness and autonomy, we also offer a personalized airport pickup for those who prefer a more personalized and warm interaction.

Are there any hidden fees associated with renting from Maui EVs?

No. We pride ourselves on transparent pricing and offer additional benefits like free charging adapters, unlimited miles, and no fees for low charge returns. Our goal is to provide you with exceptional value without unexpected costs.

Do you offer price matching if I find a similar luxury vehicle at a better rate?

Absolutely! If you come across a similar luxury vehicle elsewhere at a more competitive rate, reach out to us. We’re always keen on ensuring our customers receive the best value possible.

How far are you from Kihei?

Our office is a short 20 minute drive from Kihei, or if you choose our contactless pickup option, your Tesla will be waiting for you in the airport parking lot, and you can be enjoying the beaches of Kihei in no time at all!