Maui EVs: Your Top Choice to Go Rent a Car in Maui

Aloha and Welcome! Ready to go rent a car in Maui? Dive into a world beyond the ordinary with Maui EVs, where every rental is a ticket to an eco-luxury adventure. As Maui’s top choice for sustainable and stylish travel, we’re not just any car rental company – we’re your partner in unlocking the magic of Maui. Choose us, and embark on a journey where green driving meets island luxury.

Go Rent a Car in Maui: Fast, Easy, and Smart with Maui EVs

Wave goodbye to airport queues and shuttle hassles. When you choose to go rent a car in Maui with Maui EVs, you’re stepping into a world of efficiency and convenience. Our streamlined contactless pickup system is designed to get you on the road swiftly, offering the freedom to pick up your Tesla at any hour — a service that stands out amongst OGG car rental options. Experience the ease of starting your Maui adventure on your terms, effortlessly and smartly, with Maui EVs.

Go Rent a Car in Maui with a Touch of Class

Embrace a warm Hawaiian welcome with Maui EVs’ personalized airport pickup service. For those who appreciate the finer things, our service is unparalleled. We ensure your journey from plane to Tesla encapsulates the spirit of Aloha, making it as gentle and refreshing as a Maui breeze. Our team is ready to greet you with not just keys to a premium Tesla but also a treasure trove of local insights to kickstart your Maui adventure in style. Go rent a car in Maui with us, and transform your travel experience into something truly extraordinary.

Eco-Friendly Luxury: Go Rent a Car in Maui with Confidence

Step into the future of car rental in Maui with Maui EVs. Unlike other rental companies that might offer older, used cars with potential maintenance issues, our fleet boasts the newest Tesla Model 3s and Model Ys. Each vehicle is meticulously maintained to ensure your journey is not just eco-friendly but also epitomizes luxury and reliability. When you go rent a car in Maui with us, you’re not just getting any car; you’re stepping into a world where sustainability meets high performance and impeccable style. At Maui EVs, we ensure that luxury and environmental responsibility go hand-in-hand, providing you with an unparalleled driving experience on the island.

Tesla Model 3 with sun setting behind the car

Embrace Maui with a Heart: Rent Local, Impact Global

At Maui EVs, we’re not just your go-to for car rentals; we’re a piece of Maui’s heart and soul. Our passion goes beyond the roads – it’s about nurturing our island’s spirit and beauty. When you choose to rent with us, you’re not just making a travel decision; you’re joining a movement. A movement that supports the Maui community and champions a greener, more sustainable future. Every rental with us is a step towards preserving the paradise we call home, ensuring that your time on the island leaves a legacy of care and commitment. With Maui EVs, your journey makes a difference.

Clear, All-Inclusive Rates: The Joy of Surprise-Free Renting

Dive into a seamless car rental experience in Maui with Maui EVs. We believe in crystal-clear transparency — no hidden fees, no unexpected costs. When you go rent a car in Maui with us, you’re signing up for an all-inclusive journey. Revel in the freedom of unlimited miles, share the driving thrill with a free additional driver, and never worry about charging with our complimentary adapters. Every detail is taken care of, ensuring your adventure in Maui is as carefree as the island breeze.

Rave Reviews: Our Guests Tell the Story

At Maui EVs, our guests’ voices matter the most and say it all. They often say that Maui EVs is the best choice to go rent a car in Maui. Dive into our sea of 5-star reviews, shining with stories of unforgettable experiences and unparalleled service.

Renting with Maui EVs was incredible vs all of the legacy rental agencies. Communication was easy, the car was new and spotless and the process of pickup/drop off was super efficient...This is the only place you should be renting from on Maui.

Hugh Switzer

Rented a model 3 from Maui EVs while we were docked in Maui for two days. Anna was amazing and picked us up, dropped us off at the dock and charged the car overnight. Located perfectly right next to the dock and the airport. Would highly recommend!

sean conway

We had a great experience with Maui EVs, a perfect car for the hairpins of the road to Hana. The car was fantastic, new, clean, low miles and a great price for a one day rental. The staff (open on thanksgiving no less) was simply put, fabulous. Friendly, helpful and fast! Can’t recommend enough

Dan Connelly

Our guests’ glowing endorsements are not just reviews; they’re stories of joy, discovery, and the Aloha spirit we cherish. Join us at Maui EVs and become part of our story of exceptional journeys in Maui.

Embark on a Maui Adventure Like No Other with Maui EVs

Choose Maui EVs when you go rent a car in Maui and unlock a journey of luxury, eco-friendliness, and Aloha spirit. Our top-tier Teslas are your passport to the island’s wonders, combining comfort with unforgettable experiences. With us, every mile is as extraordinary as the destination. Book now and transform your Maui adventure into a story worth telling.

Ready to embark?

Why Go Rent a Car with Maui EVs

Feature Maui EVs
5 Star Reviews and Service
Eco-friendly EV Offering
Supporting a Local Company
No lines, Hassle Free Pickup
Free Additional Driver
No Low Charge Fee on Returns
Convenient Overnight Charging Service
Good Prices
Great Value

Go Rent a Car with Maui EVs FAQ

What makes Maui EVs the top choice when I go rent a car in Maui?

Maui EVs stands out with its eco-friendly luxury fleet, seamless rental processes, and genuine Aloha spirit. Our commitment to sustainability, combined with top-tier customer service, and all-inclusive, transparent pricing, ensures a superior car rental experience in Maui.

Can I pick up my rental car directly from Kahului Harbor?

Absolutely! Our convenient location makes it easy for cruise ship passengers to pick up their Tesla rental. Just a short 10 minute walk from the harbor, you can start your Maui adventure as soon as you disembark.

How does Maui EVs contribute to sustainability in Maui?

By renting eco-friendly Teslas, Maui EVs promotes green travel on the island. We’re committed to reducing carbon footprints and supporting local sustainability efforts, making every rental a step towards a greener Maui. In addition, as we grow we want to put our money where our mouth is and support green initiative and organizations on the island that share in our mission. Your rental with Maui EVs makes a difference!

What do your rental rates include?

Our rental rates include features other companies charge for like unlimited miles, a free additional driver, and complimentary charging adapters. Also, we don’t charge common fees like a low charge fee on returns, so customers can return their car at any charge level ensuring a transparent and hassle-free experience. For other services or extras like overnight charging or a car seat, we do have a small additional fee that you can find on our reservations page when you make a booking.

Do you offer any services for cruise ship travelers with limited time in Maui?

For our cruise ship guests, we offer flexible rental options and efficient services, including quick car pickups/returns and an overnight charging service. This ensures you can maximize your time exploring Maui, even with a tight schedule.

What makes renting a Tesla in Maui a unique experience?

Renting a Tesla in Maui elevates your journey to a whole new level of luxury and excitement. Imagine accelerating from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 3.1 seconds, feeling the rush as you navigate Maui’s scenic routes. The Tesla’s all-glass roof offers an immersive experience, allowing you to fully absorb the stunning beauty of Maui’s landscapes and skies. And with the quiet electric engine, your drive is not only smooth but also environmentally friendly, ensuring a peaceful exploration of the island’s diverse terrains. Tesla’s blend of high-performance, luxury features, and eco-conscious engineering makes it a uniquely thrilling choice for discovering all that Maui has to offer.

Is there an option for overnight charging for multi-day rentals?

Yes, we offer an overnight charging service for multi-day rentals. Simply return your Tesla to us at the end of the day, and we’ll ensure it’s fully charged and ready for your next adventure.

How does renting from a local company like Maui EVs enhance my Maui experience?

Renting from Maui EVs means you’re supporting a local business that deeply cares about you, the community, and the environment, and it’s core to our mission at Maui EVs. Plus, our local insights and tips can enrich your exploration of Maui!