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At Maui EVs we strive to provide maximum value to our customers. In order for us to meet that bar, we’ve gathered and decided to be transparent to our customers and publicize our prices compared to our competitors. Take a look and see the great value we provide.

The data below is for a 9 day rental from June 30th – July 9th. We’ll periodically update this data to keep it fresh.

At Maui EVs, we’re all about transparency and delivering the best value for your money. We firmly believe in offering an exceptional service at fantastic rates, and we want to showcase this to you. Here’s a comparative breakdown of our pricing against our competitors for a clearer picture of the extraordinary value we provide.

The data illustrated below represents a 9-day rental period from June 30th – July 9th. We’ll continue to keep this information updated and relevant because we want our customers to be well-informed and confident in their decision to choose Maui EVs. Enjoy reviewing the figures and seeing the great value for yourself!


  • Comparison dates: June 30th – July 9th 2023
  • Pickup and drop off is at OGG
  • Times are 12pm for pickup/drop off
  • If a Tesla Model 3 was not offered we looked for the lowest cost closest alternative
Company Car Type Price
Tesla Model 3 (2022)
$405 (ALL IN)
Standard: VW Jetta (???)
Intermediate: Tesla Model 3 (???)
Intermediate: Toyota Corolla (???)
Intermediate: VW Jetta (???)
Tesla Model 3 (2020)
Ford Focus (2016)

As you can see, we stand out in providing top-notch value for your car rental needs. For the selected dates, our brand-new, eco-friendly 2022 Tesla Model 3 is offered at just $405, an all-inclusive transparent price.

With our service, you get to drive a luxury EV for the price others are charging for standard, gas-powered vehicles. For instance, Alamo and Hertz offer VW Jettas at around $750 and $487 respectively. Costco’s intermediate choice, a Toyota Corolla, still sits higher at $504.

Interestingly, the closest price to ours for a Tesla Model 3 is offered by Turo at $497, but that’s for a 2-year-old model. Our brand-new Tesla Model 3 shines with its cutting-edge features and comfort, yet at a better price point. If you’re looking for a new Model 3 from other providers, you’re likely to pay nearly 50% more.

We, at Maui EVs, not only provide an affordable rental experience, but also an eco-friendly, luxurious one. Choose us and feel the difference while you drive around the beautiful island of Maui, both in style and with a clear conscience.

* Many of the companies listed above are known for adding frustrating fees and taxes at the end. Not us, our prices are totaled up front, including tax!

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