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When it comes to top-notch car rental service near Maui OGG, Maui EVs stands head and shoulders above the rest.

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We’re conveniently located just minutes away from Maui OGG airport. We even offer complimentary airport pickup and drop-off services for your convenience, along with a contactless pickup option (for a small additional fee) if you prefer.


With Maui EVs, your journey becomes an unforgettable experience. We provide an elite fleet of Tesla vehicles, ensuring high-performance travel in style and comfort. Our transparent, competitive pricing and exceptional customer service set us apart. Our prices are up front, and include tax, what you see is actually what you’ll pay! Our friendly team is always ready to assist, whether it’s picking the perfect Tesla or sharing local tips for your Maui visit. Moreover, our commitment to sustainability means your rental reduces carbon emissions, blending luxury with eco-consciousness. Choose Maui EVs for the best car rental experience at Maui OGG.

Unbeatable Value and More Bang For Your Buck

At Maui EVs, we take pride in providing unbeatable value that goes far beyond just low prices. Yes, our prices are impressively competitive, often up to 50% better than larger rental companies, but that’s just the beginning. We offer an upscale experience with our fleet of new, high-performance Tesla vehicles, ensuring you ride in style and luxury around the island.

But we don’t stop there; our value-packed offerings also include a range of extras to enhance your journey. Enjoy unlimited miles to explore Maui to your heart’s content, add an additional driver for free to share the driving bliss, and use our free charging adapters to keep your Tesla ready for adventure. All these benefits and more are included in our transparent pricing, providing you with a superior experience without breaking the bank. Maui EVs offers unparalleled value and a premium experience at an unbeatable price. Choose smart, choose style, choose Maui EVs.


Unlike other car rental companies, we won’t charge you a fee if the battery level isn’t full upon return. We take care of the charging, saving you the hassle and every precious minute of time on your Maui vacation.


We understand that plans can change. That’s why we offer a clear and generous cancellation policy. If you cancel 48 hours or more before your scheduled pickup, you’ll receive a full refund. For more details on our policies, checkout our FAQ.


By choosing Maui EVs, you go beyond a premier car rental experience. You directly contribute to Maui’s local economy and sustainable initiatives. As a locally-owned business, we reinvest in our community. Your rental supports environmental preservation, creating a greener Maui and aiding global climate action. Travel luxuriously while leaving a positive impact.


Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from our many happy customers. Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say about why we’re the best car rental service near Maui OGG.

“Seriously the best experience with a rental car company! Amazing customer service, Ikaika picked me up from airport gave me great instructions with the car and gave me great info on the Island and how to make the most of our trip with the Tesla.

Price is better than any other place I saw for a Tesla! Thank you so much for your kindness and I know this company will explode with more marketing and exposure it’s only a matter of time. We look forward to renting from you all again when we come back.” – Branson Silva

“Best service. Driving a Tesla is so luxurious. Absolutely love what they are bringing to the island very much appreciated and needed!” – Anna Hill


Ready to experience the best car rental service in Maui OGG? Reserve with us at Maui EVs and we’ll make sure your Maui trip is one to remember.

Best Car Rental In Maui OGG FAQ

How close is Maui EVs to Maui OGG Airport, and how do I get to your location from there?

While we’re just a few minutes away from Maui OGG Airport, you might be wondering about the specifics of reaching our location. We offer complimentary airport pickup, but if you prefer, you can also opt for our contactless pickup option, so either way you can get started with your Maui Vacation sooner instead of getting into crowded shuttles or waiting in long rental counter lines.

Do I need to charge the Tesla before returning it?

Not at all! Unlike other car rental companies, we don’t charge any fees if the battery level isn’t full upon return. We take care of the charging for you, ensuring that you can make the most out of every precious moment of your Maui vacation.

I’ve never driven a Tesla before. Will someone be able to show me how it works?

Absolutely! Although, there’s not a substantial difference between driving a traditional vehicle and a Tesla, our team at Maui EVs is well-versed in all things Tesla and we’re here to ensure you feel completely comfortable and confident before hitting the road. We also have a quick start guide that goes over the fundamentals for you to take a look at.

Are there any benefits to renting a Tesla over a traditional gas cars in Maui?

Indeed, choosing a Tesla for your Maui adventure offers many advantages over traditional gas cars. Beyond the eco-friendly aspect of zero emissions, Teslas are high-performance machines, providing a smooth, powerful, and luxurious driving experience. The all-glass roof invites the stunning Maui scenery into your car, allowing you to soak up the island’s beauty from every angle. The quiet electric engine ensures a serene drive, letting Maui’s natural soundscape take center stage. The additional front trunk space, or ‘frunk’, affords extra room for your beach gear and island treasures, making your journey more convenient and enjoyable. Furthermore, the thrill of acceleration is at your fingertips with the ability to go from 0 to 60 in as little as 3.1 seconds, adding an exhilarating dimension to your island adventure. All these features collectively make a Tesla the perfect companion for a memorable Maui adventure.

Can I add an additional driver, and is there an extra cost for this?

Yes, you can add an additional driver during our booking process and the best part is, it’s completely free! We want to ensure that your driving experience is as enjoyable and flexible as possible.

What makes Maui EVs different from other car rental services near Maui OGG?

Our exceptional fleet of Tesla vehicles, competitive transparent pricing, and unparalleled customer service make us stand out. We provide a premium, eco-friendly travel experience, and our team is always ready to assist you and share local tips to enhance your Maui visit.

Are there any hidden fees in your pricing?

No, our pricing is upfront and includes all taxes. What you see is truly what you pay, ensuring a transparent and straightforward rental experience with no last-minute surprises or hidden charges.

What kind of charging adapters are provided with the rental, and are there additional charges for them?
At Maui EVs, every rental comes with complimentary charging adapters to ensure your Tesla is always adventure-ready. The J1772 adapter, compatible with approximately 75% of Maui’s public charging stations, is our standard inclusion. For quicker charging, a limited stock of CCS adapters is available upon request during booking. Additionally, for your overnight charging convenience, we offer a limited quantity of mobile connectors, adding about 5-6 miles of range per hour. Rest assured, there are no additional “charges” for these adapters, as we aim to provide you with a seamless and worry-free driving experience.
Are there any restrictions on where I can take the Tesla?

Yes, to ensure both your safety and the protection of our vehicles, driving on certain hazardous and unpaved roads is prohibited. Specifically, you cannot drive on the ‘back side’ of the Road to Hana, beyond the Kipahulu region of Haleakala National Park, or on the unpaved sections of Highway 31 known as the Piilani Highway beyond mile marker 38. The Kahakuloa area’s unauthorized or unpaved roads are also off-limits. However, you are free to enjoy the scenic drive along the traditional paved Road to Hana. Please refer to the rental agreement for a detailed list of restrictions to plan your journey accordingly. Our team is also readily available to answer any questions and ensure your chosen destinations are accessible with our Teslas.

Do you offer any recommendations for things to do or places to visit in Maui with the Tesla?

Yes, we do! Our team is made up of Maui locals who are more than happy to share their top recommendations for things to do and places to visit on the island. Simply contact us or reply back to your reservation information. We’d love to give you some tips!