Kahului Harbor Car Rental: Explore Maui in Style

Maui EVs - Your Go-To Kahului Harbor Car Rental

If you’re looking for a convenient and eco-friendly way to explore Maui, look no further than Maui EVs. Our Kahului Harbor car rental service offers luxury Tesla rentals that are perfect for exploring the island in style, without harming the environment.

Tesla model 3 parked in front of a pier in Maui underneath a clear sky with some clouds

Conveniently located just a 10-minute walk (1/2 mile) from Kahului Harbor, our rental service is the perfect choice for cruise ship travelers who want to get behind the wheel of a premium electric vehicle as soon as they arrive on Maui. We also offer a convenient pickup and drop-off service, so you don’t even have to worry about the short walk to us from the harbor!

Distance from Kahului Harbor to 40 Hobron Avenue (Maui EVs), 10 minute walk or .5 mile.
Walk from Kahului Harbor to Maui EVs

Enjoy the Ride, We’ve got the rest Covered

At Maui EVs, we’re not just about renting cars – we’re about crafting unforgettable experiences. We believe that every moment of your Maui adventure should be savored, which is why we’ve eliminated the low battery return fee. So, go ahead and squeeze in some extra miles out of your Tesla rental without a worry in the world!

Our commitment to your satisfaction doesn’t stop there. We understand that every great adventure is built on trust, which is why our fleet of Tesla rentals is meticulously serviced and maintained. You can hit the road with confidence, knowing you’re behind the wheel of a safe and reliable vehicle. Plus, with unlimited miles, a free additional driver, and charging adapters included in every reservation, we’ve got all the details covered so you can focus on the journey.

And for those seeking extra peace of mind, we offer Additional Liability Insurance (ALI) for a small fee. Whether you don’t have car insurance or simply want that extra layer of protection, we’ve got you covered.

Caring for You and the Planet

But our mission goes beyond providing top-notch rental experiences. We’re passionate about preserving the stunning beauty of Maui for future generations and future visits. That’s why our luxury Tesla rentals are 100% electric, producing zero emissions. When you choose Maui EVs, you’re not just getting a superior rental experience – you’re making a positive impact on the environment. So, why not join us in driving towards a greener future? Your extraordinary eco-friendly adventure awaits with Maui EVs!

Ready for some Unforgettable adventures?

With your Tesla rental from Maui EVs, you’re not just getting a car – you’re unlocking the gateway to Maui’s most enchanting destinations.

  • Discover the Bohemian Charm of Paia: Just a breezy 20-minute drive (9 miles) from Kahului Harbor, the vibrant town of Paia awaits. Known for its bohemian charm, unique boutiques, and delectable eateries, Paia is a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be discovered.
Colorful surfboards in a row in Paia Maui
  • Ascend to the Majestic Haleakala National Park: Venture a little further to the Haleakala National Park, just 1 hour and 20 minutes drive (39 miles) from the harbor. Stand atop the Haleakala Crater and gaze upon a sea of clouds – it’s a sight that will etch itself into your memory.
Dense Clouds at Haleakalā National Park
  • Traverse the Scenic Hana Highway: Ready for a road trip like no other? The Hana Highway, with its stunning ocean views, lush rainforests, and cascading waterfalls, is a mere 2 hours and 10 minutes drive (52 miles), though you’ll definitely want to make some pit stops along the way! Remember, it’s not just about the destination, but the journey – and what a journey it is!
Sunrise at Hana in Maui on the beach

Our Teslas’ impressive range (272 miles when fully charged) ensures you can embark on these adventures and return to the harbor on a single charge. So, start early, explore to your heart’s content, and make the most of your Maui adventure. For more trip ideas and insights into driving with an EV, be sure to check out our Driving Around Maui page. With Maui EVs, your extraordinary journey is just a drive away!

Embark on Your Adventure

Ready to explore Maui in style and comfort? Choose Maui EVs for your Kahului Harbor car rental and experience the thrill of driving a Tesla. With our commitment to sustainability, exceptional customer service, and convenient location, we make it easy to enjoy the ride as much as the destination. Book your Tesla rental today and make your Maui adventure unforgettable.

Ready to start your Maui adventure? Click here to book your Tesla rental today!

Kahului Harbor Car Rental FAQ

How far can I travel on a single charge with a Tesla rental from Maui EVs?

Our Tesla rentals have an impressive range, when fully charged you can get 272 miles for the Model 3 and 303 miles for our long range Model Y. This means you can embark on adventures such as driving the scenic Hana Highway or visiting the majestic Haleakala National Park and return to the harbor on a single charge without any worries, as your Maui vacation should be.

I'm arriving on a cruise ship. How easy is it to pick up a rental from Maui EVs?

Our location is conveniently situated just a 10-minute walk (1/2 mile) from Kahului Harbor, making it an excellent choice for cruise ship travelers. We also offer a convenient pickup and drop-off service, so you can start your Maui adventure as soon as you step off the ship.

I don't have car insurance. Can I still rent a Tesla from Maui EVs?

Yes, you can! While we do require customers to have their own liability car insurance, we understand that this might not be possible for everyone. That’s why we offer Additional Liability Insurance (ALI) for a small fee, providing you with peace of mind during your rental period.

Are there any additional fees I should be aware of when renting from Maui EVs?

No, we don’t have any hidden fees we tack onto the end of your rental like other car rental companies. We believe in transparent up front pricing (including tax) and strive to provide the best possible rental experience. That’s why we don’t charge a low battery return fee. Plus, every reservation comes with unlimited miles, a free additional driver, and charging adapters included. We do offer optional add ons like Additional Liability Insurance (ALI), car seats, and other extras for a small fee.

Where can I park my rental car overnight?

We’ve made arrangements for cruise ship customers in the past to park near our lot. Please share your overnight parking needs with us, and we’ll strive to accommodate you on/near our lot or suggest other options.